Let Your Kids Play Soccer By The Garage Door? Now You Can

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Garage doors are a magnet for kids practicing sports, whether it’s kicking a soccer ball or perfecting their pitching form. But every parent knows that all it takes is one good kick of a soccer ball or a missed basketball rebound to produce a sizeable dent in a traditional metal garage door.

Now, both parents and kids can breathe a sigh of relief, thanks to new technology in garage doors. JELD-WEN, the world’s leading manufacturer of windows and doors, has engineered a revolutionary new line of garage doors that makes them highly resistant to balls, bikes and even wind damage -- all things that can spell doom for even the best metal doors. The JELD-WEN garage doors are available through most Amarr Garage Door dealers nationwide as part of a special new venture between the two companies.

Kids will appreciate the durability – and the fact that their parents can stop constantly telling them to “get away from that garage door.” Parents will appreciate the doors’ resilience, too, but they’ll also love their looks. “You’d think they’d look like they belong on a fortress and be heavy as lead,” says Patrick O’Sullivan, vice president of Marketing and New Ventures for Amarr Garage Doors. “In reality, they are made of light-weight composite wood and are available in three attractive styles to suit the aesthetic needs of almost any home.”

Choose from the Traditional, Carriage House or Estate lines. The Traditional series is perfect for residences that want the classic raised-panel style with numerous window options. The Carriage House series, as well as the Estate series, have proven to be overwhelmingly popular with today’s homeowners, thanks to authentic Old World details and accents.

Advantages Over Solid Wood

The JELD-WEN doors feature beautiful wood-like finishes that can be painted to match any home exterior. “These doors are beautifully deceptive, replicating traditional, swinging barn door styles, but open overhead like any other modern garage door,” says O’Sullivan. Optional decorative hardware is available for both series and several window options are available for the Carriage House models.

Although the new garage doors look like wood, they have some big advantages over traditional wood. They are much more affordable than regular wood, and they don’t have to be painted nearly as often. While traditional solid wood doors should be painted every year, the JELD-WEN doors adhere paint so well that they can go much longer without being repainted.

Environmental Benefits

JELD-WEN’s doors use recycled wood cellulose, which is a technology based on wood particles bonded together with super adhesive, instead of having to cut new-growth timber. The conversion rate from tree to useful building material is 80 to 90 percent for composite products, compared with only about 40 percent for solid timber.

The doors’ energy efficiency is another environmental bonus. The inclusion of a polystyrene insulated core between the outer composite wood panels of the garage doors make them extremely energy efficient as also offers excellent sound-absorbing qualities. The doors are incredibly durable in extreme temperatures and other harsh weather conditions, preventing splitting, shrinking, expanding, rusting and insect infestation associated with solid wood doors. They’re wind load approved for wind speeds up to 140 mph, making them perfect for hurricane-prone areas.

“The JELD-WEN garage doors offer a wide range of features that are important to today’s homeowner and are perfect both for new construction and as replacement doors in existing homes,” says O’Sullivan. “I see this as an all-around win-win situation for homeowners. The garage doors are affordable, extremely durable, highly attractive, and they’re good from an environmental perspective.”

Author: Owen Baker

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